Our Mantra

Your Success is Our Business

This statement guides what we do and it’s how we see the world. When you get down to it – Room2work needs your success to fuel ours and our business model is geared to make that as easy as possible. Join us.

A message from the founder

 Room2work business model is geared toward your success.

Room2work recently got described as a passion project for me and I had to admit that it was. However, it didn’t start out that way. The original idea was a lot more capitalist.

I was working on moving my company to a new location and realized a gap in the market for small flexible warehouse space that was actually set up for business use. My first idea was a version of self-storage tailored for business use. However, It didn’t take long  to realize there was a much bigger market opportunity and a much bigger “why”. 

Turns out that 68% of all businesses start at home and many of them grow to fill a bedroom, garage or basement but then what? Even small commercial space is larger than your whole house and requires almost as much commitment. So many of these businesses stall out in a home office or overreach in to commercial space and struggle. Room2work is my project to fill the space gap for a forgotten group of growing businesses that are too big for a home office and not yet big enough for a commercial space. 

Now I love business, but the passion really started with one simple statistic – 50% of all businesses fail within the first 5 years. I could list out all the reasons why but the short answer is; they run out of money. So the Room2work business plan became more than office and warehouse space. We developed what we began calling the small business eco-system. It’s a collection of on-demand services, staffing and coaching along with a marketplace of discounts that help you compete with bigger companies. It’s also a network of other business owners that share their experience and advice just when you need it most. 

No one can guarantee your success but at R2W it’s the core of our business.

I hope to see you soon.

Alan Crowe

Founder Room2work

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