Room2work's COVID-19 Cleaning Plan

Over the last few months, you've struggled with everything from being an impromptu teacher and remote employee to the Isolation and anxiety around keeping your family safe. If you furloughed employees or watched sales evaporate, you've also felt the devastating economic impact of this pandemic. Our collective battle with COVID19 is far from over, but R2W coworking is committed to helping you, and the rest of the R2W community get back on track.

Are Coworking Spaces Safe?​

It's a good question. The safety of your coworking space depends a lot on cleaning, adapting for COVID19, and respect for your coworkers. Everyone has unique risk factors, but we've put together a plan that meets and exceeds both state and CDC guidelines. This section lays out what we've done to keep you and all of our members safe.

Mandated Office Cleaning

The state and CDC guidelines for coworking spaces are the same as traditional office space. We're cleaning commonly touched surfaces with EPA registered disinfectants, including door handles, printer controls, coffee maker, desks, counters, etc.  At R2W, these surfaces get clean during the day and are part of our extended nightly cleaning.

No Touch Required

As a new office space, R2W has a lot of touch-free access. Our restrooms have handsfree faucets, soap, and towel dispensers. We also added "Toe and Go" devices to the doors so you can open them handsfree.

Some Touch Required

Our coworking space is full of electronics, and they don't typically react well to cleaners, so we've added clear overlays to our coffee maker, printers, and iPads to make them easier to clean regularly.

Changes to the Building

We've added signage to the coworking areas reminding members to keep a social distance and handwashing "How To" signs in each of the restrooms and the café.

All of our coworking desks are now 6ft or more apart.  To make room, we've converted our largest conference room to coworking with the extra benefit of two window walls and lots of sunlight. Each of our coworking rooms has ten or fewer desks.

Going beyond the CDC and State guidelines

Coronavirus is suspected of being and airborne contagion, so we have upgraded the air conditioning filters to hospital-grade capable of removing virus-carrying particles down to .3 microns. That's 150 times smaller than a human hair.

We've also added easily cleaned desk mats to all of our desks that can be swapped out and thoroughly cleaned between member visits as well as during our overnight cleaning.

Changes to our Operations

New hours – Room2work is normally open 24/7, but our temporary COVID19 schedule is 7 am till 9 pm. This allows us to do a thorough cleaning overnight and have the office ready for you the next morning.


Access to the space – We are allowing small in-person meetings during office hours. Each member will be issued their own access fob and should use it each time they enter the building - even if the door is held open for them. This will help us know who was in the building each day and support the health department if they need to do contact tracing.


In-person meetings – Some businesses need to meet with clients, and we want to support them. If you're meeting with a guest, we can support up to four people in Studio A or Studio C. When you book your reservation, please allow 15 to 30 min between meetings so we can wipe down the room.


All coworking desks are now reservable – each member has a bank of hours included in their plan that they can use to reserve a desk in either of the two coworking areas. This means that you know you have a seat before you leave home and you know exactly which desk you have. Desk reservations are available in blocks of 2 hours or more.

Your role in working safely

Stay home if you're sick, think you might be at risk, or are taking care of someone at risk.  We've worked to make R2W as safe as we can, but realize there are no absolutes with this virus.

Monitor your own health. Before coming into the office for hours of productive work, take a moment to check your temperature. You'll need to be below 100.4 without a cough or shortness of breath to work in the office. We have a no-touch thermometer available if you forget.


If you develop signs of a possible infection, please contact us about prorating your membership and stay safely at home.

Wash your hands – I know you've heard this over and over for weeks, but it's the best way for you to keep yourself and others healthy.

Support everyone's ability to feel safe by maintaining social distance and wearing a disposable or washable mask when you move around the office.


Thank you for being part of the Room2work community. We are here to help any way we can to get your business back on track.


Take care,

Alan Crowe

Room2work Owner

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