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DIY Recording Studio Space for Podcasts, Videos, & Photography

Podcast Studio Rental in Roswell, GA

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Do you share your leadership with the world? Maybe a through a podcast on social issues, or with on-demand coaching for small businesses. Every month roughly 90 million people listen to a podcast, and millions more learn from expert videos. If your brand centers around you, Room2work Coworking makes it easy to create engaging and professional content on your schedule.

Easy DIY Video & Podcast Space Rentals

R2W's Studio has the equipment and props you need to create amazing content with a custom-built recording studio for videos and podcasts. The Do-It-Yourself studio is designed for great audio and makes you look professional on a budget. Our unique Studio Membership gives you access to our coworking space and the recording studio.  You could literally start recording your content today - so no excuses!

Why Should You Record in a Podcast Studio?

What difference does the room make? A lot actually. Your voice is stronger than you think and it bounces around the room and off every hard surface. That's the "hollow" sound or echo you hear in your recordings.


A room that's treated for sound creates a warm personal experience that draws people into your podcast or video. R2W worked with a sound engineer to set up our studio and you can try it out as our guest. We want this to be the right place for you and we'll give you free time in the studio to make sure it is.

Recording in the R2W Studio Saves You Time

The Room2work Studio is always ready to record. The lighting is plugged in, the camera is mounted, and the microphones are hot. There are no cables to run or furniture to move. So, once you know your favorite settings and backdrop, we can "tweak" everything and have you recording in just a few minutes. 


You can also save time after you record. Because the studio provides very consistent audio and lighting, you'll save time when editing or save a lot of time by not editing. You can even mix content recorded at different times or on different days. 

Need more recording flexibility? We can set up multi-channel recording so everyone gets their own track and you get maximum control over the final product.

Remote Interviews and Photography Options

Room2work Coworkings specializes in eCommerce and brand entrepreneurs so, the studio is easily converted over for product photography, portraits, and live video interviews. You can choose from several backgrounds including greenscreen and use our 1GB fiber connection for video calls or uploads. 


Is Room2work's Studio Membership Right for Me?

You can find out with a quick 15 min tour.

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Is Where You Work Hurting Your Business?

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Are coffee shops your goto meeting room?

Work / Life Balance


Are you struggling to turn work OFF every day?

Too much Inventory 

Are boxes and inventory taking over your home?

Doing Jobs You Hate


Do accounting and admin jobs make your head hurt?

Lack of Resources


Are you doing everything and a little overwhelmed? 

Lack of Community 

Do you miss the buzz of working around other people?

Improve Your Business with a Professional Studio


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Enjoy an office that helps you get things done!

Room2work Amenities

Why Choose Room2work's Coworking Space?

We are proud to offer a new generation of coworking spaces in Roswell, GA. Here is a list of our coworking amenities:


Electric Sit/Stand Desk

Personalize your working space with adjustable furniture.


3 Meeting Room Styles

Improve productivity in your preferred meeting space.


Ultra High-Speed Internet

Rest assured that your operations will run smoothly with our superior internet connectivity.


Virtual Office Options

Create a more professional business image with virtual offices.


Warehouse Storage

Keep your company goods safe in our warehousing unit.


Dedicated Desks 

Keep your personal space with individual desks.


Loading Dock 

Receive items for your office conveniently in our space.


Dedicated Offices

Focus on core obligations in your own office.


24/7 Video & Access Security 

Protect your space with our top-tier security measures.


Podcast Studio 

Access professional tools to record your content.

Looking for a Quality Podcast Space in Roswell?