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Start a Scalable Side Hustle

What's Your Side Hustle?

Are you working a full-time job but making extra money on the side? In the 1950s, the phrase "side hustle" became the term for working a second job. Today it's less about holding a second job and more about creating an independent source of income.

What's the Difference?

A second job has an hourly rate set by an employer, and a side business doesn't. If you can control how much you make per hour and can't get fired, you've got a side hustle. It's a simplistic example but a good starting point. If your hustle is a scalable business, you can even replace your old job or design the hustle to run without you. 

Building Your Ideal Hustle

Here's a brief but helpful guide on how to build a successful side business:

1) Avoid overcrowded markets
Selling online is a great side hustle, but look for a unique product or angle. If you're selling essential oils, you're going to have lots of competition. Consider something more niche—for example, oversized socks for people with large feet. It's a small market, but you'll only have a handful of competitors. 

2) Can you scale your hustle?
Dog sitting makes almost every side hustle list, but dog sitting doesn't "scale" well. You're competing with neighborhood kids on price, and there's a limit on the number of pets you can handle in a day. 


It's easier to scale products with sites like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon that help you start small and grow. You will need a steady flow of inventory to build a solid side business. If you're counting on flea market deals for products, it may be a challenge. Figure out how you would source, sell, and ship 100 orders per day. If you can do that, you're on your way to a sustainable business. If your products are custom-made, you'll need to "scale" by raising your prices, so make sure you can charge a premium for each one.


3) You need someone to hurt your feelings
Your friends are there to support your goals, but that's not necessarily the help you need. Find someone who will be honest with you about your side hustle idea. Honest feedback will help you fix problems with your business plan and 
ultimately build a more profitable business.

Give Your Hustle an Edge

You've done the hard part. We want to make the rest easier.

  • Room2work helps you keep personal details like your home address private with a virtual office and mailbox. 

  • We help with inventory. You don't need to schedule delivery trucks or wait for a pick-up. Our dock crew will receive, secure, and hold your merchandise or returns until you're ready. 

  • Our office is open nights and weekends. A quiet place to work, meeting rooms, the podcast studio, and our warehouse are available on your schedule.

  • You'll be part of a side hustle community ready to answer questions and offer advice.


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