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A Virtual Office Made for eCommerce

The only virtual address with Coworking and Co-warehousing

Six Benefits of a R2W Virtual Office Address

Real Street Address

Build customer trust with a  commercial address  

No Commitment - Big Value

On-demand resources of an office without a lease

Automatic Mail Forwarding


Get your mail forwarded monthly, bi-weekly or weekly 

Space When You Need It


Workspace, meeting rooms, and warehouse on demand

Safe and Secure Deliveries


Your mail and packages are safe from Porch Pirates 

Easily Start & Grow a Business

Start small and grow without changing your business address

Virtual Office Space and Warehouse in Roswell

Over two-thirds of all entrepreneurs start at home, and every one has an official business address. It's on your business license, bank accounts, business cards, and, of course, your website. It's also a key piece of your NAP information (Name, Address & Phone) that's used to validate your business in online directories. The address you choose ends up in dozens upon dozens of official places.


For most "brick and mortar" businesses, that's ideal; the more people that know where your business is the better, but using your home address may give people information you don't want them to have. It may also give your competitors an unfair advantage if your customers see your home office as a risky choice. Home offices and home-based businesses are much more common these days but a commercial address is an easy way to build trust with customers and suppliers.


Room2work's virtual office memberships level the playing field with your competitors and make growing your businesses easier. We combine the benefits of a mail center, and a registered agent with access to workspace, meeting rooms, and a warehouse. 


That means you have one professional address for all your business needs on day one. As you grow, you can expand your membership to include part-time or dedicated office and warehouse space without signing a long-term lease. .

Customize Your Virtual Office Membership 

Room2work is unique. We offer Coworking space that is designed for eCommerce Entrepreneurs and local contractors.  You can choose a Virtual Office plan with just the mailbox services you need to launch your business or add workspace and warehouse options and become a one person tycoon.

Room2Work's Virtual Office and Business Mail Services

  • A business address in an office park - not a shopping center

  • Get a unique suite number

  • Automatic mail forwarding included

  • Registered Agent for LLC, LLP, and Corporations

  • Warehouse access for shipments, returns, and storage

  • Deep discounts on our professional meeting rooms 

  • Include Coworking or add it when you need it

  • Easily switch plans as you grow without changing your address

Is a Virtual Office Right for You?

Schedule a tour of Room2work and get three days of coworking when you sign up for a virtual office membership. 

Ready to Get a Business Address without Leasing an Office


Call us for a quick
15 min tour

Pick the right


Order your 
business cards

Room2work's Office Amenities

Why Choose Room2work's Office Space?

We are proud to offer a new generation of coworking spaces in Roswell, GA. Here is a list of our coworking amenities:


Electric Sit/Stand Desk

Personalize your working space with adjustable furniture.


3 Meeting Room Styles

Improve productivity in your preferred meeting space.


Ultra High-Speed Internet

Rest assured that your operations will run smoothly with our superior internet connectivity.

virtual address for business.png

Virtual Office Options

Create a more professional business image with virtual offices.


Warehouse Storage

Keep your company goods safe in our warehousing unit.


Dedicated Desks 

Keep your personal space with individual desks.


Loading Dock 

Receive items for your office conveniently in our space.

virtual office registered business address.png

Dedicated Offices

Focus on core obligations in your own office.


24/7 Video & Access Security 

Protect your space with our top-tier security measures.


Podcast Studio 

Access professional tools to record your content.

Are You Ready for a Virtual Office and a real Business Address in Roswell?

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