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Warehouse Space for eCommerce

Flexible warehouse and workspace options for online entrepreneurs

My Business is Out of Control

Your eCommerce company started at home, but now you're running out of room and time? How can you grow and reclaim your house? Room2work Co-Warehousing in Roswell could hold the perfect answer.

​What is Co-Warehousing?

It's a shared warehouse space that's divided into smaller warehouse "pods". Each Room2work member rents storage space based on their needs without signing a lease. We handle your deliveries and you come in when you want to. 

​What is Virtual Warehousing?

It's a warehouse on demand. You get a suite number at our warehouse for shipments, deliveries, and your business mail. There are no trucks in your driveway and no packages sitting by your door to temp the porch pirates.


Using our "warehouse as a service" also means your nosy neighbors have a lot less to be nosy about. From postcards to pallets, we've got it covered and you'll never have to plan your day around a delivery. 

Your Membership Includes:

  • A professional address in an office park

  • A digital mailbox so you see every letter, package and pallet when it comes in

  • Registered agent services for LLC, LLP, and Corporations

  • On-demand access to professional meeting rooms 

  • On-demand & short-term warehouse receiving and storage 

  • On-demand Coworking passes when you need a break from your home office

  • On-demand podcast and video studio time 

Is Room2work Right for Me?

All it takes is a quick tour to find out.

Upgrade Your Business Plan

Professional Image 

Get access to a real office and warehouse

Relax When You're Home


We created a work space so

you can enjoy being home

Boxes and Tools Everywhere

Organize your business and get ready to grow

Focus & Be More Productive


We'll handle the back office stuff so you don't need to

Always Two Places at Once?


Schedule your day around jobs only you can do

Join a Community of Owners

Get insight and inspiration from other business owners

Ready For a Change?

Take 15 minutes to

see for yourself

Add the warehouse

to any membership

Focus on growing

your business 

Room2worK Amenities


Electric Sit/Stand Desk


3 Meeting Room Styles


Ultra High-Speed Internet


Virtual Office Options


Warehouse Storage


Dedicated Desks


Loading Dock 


Dedicated Offices


24/7 Video & Access Security 


Podcast Studio