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WHY Choose Room2work?

Because we’ve been there.


This is the fourth company we’ve been part of starting and like yours each of them started at home. We’ve had employees working out of the basement and boxes stacked in the garage. We’ve also hit that magical $1 million mark in revenue and managed staff across five states. We’ve worked with customers all day and spent our evenings doing quotes, invoices and emails.


None of this was particularly easy, but our experience along with the input of other business owners, inspired a large part of Room2work. There were things along the way that we would do differently now, but one thing’s for sure - there’s no chance we'll ever be “employees” again. We love owning a business and would love to help you with yours.


Room2work is designed to fill in the gaps as your business moves from an idea into an ideal company. We can’t define “success” for you. It may be a 4-hour work week, a million dollars a year, or both. Room2work is simply a collection of business tools to help you manage each of the steps while you look bigger, learn from others, and focus on what you do best.