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What is Coworking Space?


Perhaps the easiest definition would be multiple companies sharing an office based on their needs at that point in time. At its core, "coworking" or "shared office space" is a highly flexible office community for small and growing companies. Your business can start with just an address and then grow into daily use or even a dedicated office within the space.

What Is Co-warehousing?


Small warehouses are hard to find, so R2W applied the coworking principles of space and cost-sharing to create small private storage areas inside a larger warehouse. Your business can get just the space you need and change throughout the year as your business changes. If you only need occasional or short term storage, R2W accepts and stores pallets on-demand for a small fee per pallet, which is an excellent solution for home-based eCommerce and installers.

What is a R2W Virtual Office?


Think of it as the face of your business. Much like your website, a virtual office helps you project trust and professionalism to your customers. A virtual office combines virtual mail services with on-demand meeting and office space so you can have one location for all of your business needs and still work from home.   

How does R2W Virtual Mail Work?


Don't worry; your mail is still very real. It's how we process it that makes it virtual for you. As a mailbox member, you get our free mail app, and it gives you full control over your mail processing. When letters come in, you'll get a picture of the outside, and you can request - Scan it, Shred it, Forward it, or Hold it for pick up. Packages are treated the same way except they don't scan. If your business needs a place for larger shipments, we can receive and store pallets on-demand for a small fee per pallet so you can pick up on your schedule.  


Virtual mail is not only convenient, but it protects your home address from being listed online, and you never make wasted trips to check a PO Box. The only extra charges are for forwarding or on-demand warehousing.

Virtual Mail vs. PO Box


The only advantage of a PO Box or mail center's Private Mail Box (PMB) is a slightly lower monthly cost. Now cost is always a good reason, so let's explore why it's worth the difference. POBs and PMBs need to be checked by you - either in person or with a phone call to the mail center - "do I have mail?". Then you'll need to drive over and pick it up.


It's also worth noting that POBs and PMBs may not be the best image for your business. Nothing says, "home business," like a mailing address two doors down from a grocery store. 


Virtual Mailboxes, on the other hand, notify you through a free app on your phone when you have mail or a package. You can request us to scan, shred, forward, or hold it for pick up, all from the app.


Instead of a shopping center, Room2work virtual mailboxes are in a real office building, and you even have a-la-carte access to meeting rooms when you need one.  Virtual mailboxes have a clear advantage by providing a professional image, convenience, and access to office space when you need it.

Does R2W Allow Dogs?

Very few people love dogs more than we do, but Room2work isn't that kind of coworking space. If you want your best friend lying next to you at work, we can help you find a fur-friendly coworking space

Can I Use My Virtual Mailbox for an LLC Registration?

Absolutely! Virtual mailboxes and virtual offices like the ones at Room2work are perfect for corporate registrations and registered agent services. Just like all your mail, you'll get notified as soon as an official or registered letter arrives, and you won't expose your home address online.

Coworking vs. Home Office


Is it worth getting a coworking membership? The answer is different for every business owner, but here are my top five benefits. If these don't resonate with you, you may find a virtual mailbox is more what you need.


  1. Focus – I need a dedicated workspace with fewer distractions and a work atmosphere.

  2. Image – I want my business to look more professional with a business mailing address and meeting space.

  3. Team Space – I've started hiring full or part-time employees, and my spouse doesn't like them showing up at our house. 

  4. Turning off – I need to create a "hard-line" between my work and home life. If you tend to "overwork," this alone could make a space worth it.

  5. Community – I want the option to work around other people. Coworking spaces are filled with people working on their business, and their hustle will inspire your hustle.

Coworking vs. Office Space


This decision is actually more about uncertainty than it is the cost difference. If your business is very predictable, it's easy to add up all the costs of a small office and compare them to an office at your local coworking space. If you do, coworking will typically come out cheaper up to about five or six people in the office. At that point, the decision gets a little harder.


The real advantage of a coworking membership or coworking office space is when your crystal ball is broken and don't know how big or small or different your business will be over the next three years (the typical short term office lease). Coworking is well suited for startups and other growing companies that really appreciate the flexibility it offers. It can also be a great fit in uncertain times when even established businesses are disrupted and looking to stay nimble.

Who's really using coworking

In the early days of shared offices, there were a lot of lawyers and accountants in fancy executive suites. Around 2005, coworking as we know it started filling up with creatives, freelancers, and tech startups, but that's changing rapidly. Today Room2work is home to contractors, corporate employees, eCommerce, and yes, even a few tech startups.

Do I Need a Registered Agent?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say - yes. You can certainly be your own registered agent, but if your business is based at home, a registered agent service will keep your home address off the internet.

Does R2W Offer a Day Pass?

Day passes are common at coworking spaces across the country, but much like dogs, we're not that kind of space. Room2work was built to be part of how you run your business, not just a seat for the day. If you're a "Digital Nomad" looking for a place to land, we'll gladly point you in the right direction.

Can I Use a Virtual Mailbox for Google My Business?

Google says NO, and their pretty serious about it. To qualify for a Google My Business (GMB) location, your office address needs to be a place where you regularly work and meet clients. However, Google allows you to establish "service areas" to support local searches for your type of business. Room2work's dedicated desk and dedicated offices meet Google's requirements, and we support GMB listings for both of these membership levels.

What will My Business Address look like?

Sample Mailbox Address

Cyberdyne Systems

1007 Mansell, Rd

Suite A127

Roswell, GA 30076

Is There a Contract, Agreement, or Lease?

We have an agreement that spells out why you're paying us each month and the things you can and can't do in the space, but that's about it. You're not locked into a lease and can leave with 30 days notice.

What is a Digital Nomad?


This is commonly an employee or freelancer that can and does work from anywhere in the world. They just need their computer and a spot with fast internet to get work done. They buy a day or week pass at the local coworking space and move on when they're ready.

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