Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions About Our Coworking Space?

Listed below, you will find answers to some of our most popular questions about our coworking, virtual office & warehouse space services. If you still can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us today!

What is a Coworking Space?


Coworking is a shared office space where independent companies use open or private workspace as they grow their businesses. It's a highly flexible way to have a professional office and save on expenses at the same time. Some coworking spaces offer virtual offices that include your business mailbox and on-demand access to the space. 

What Is Co-warehousing?


Co-warehousing lets member companies share a large warehouse space based on their needs. This includes private warehouse "pods" and on-demand storage in our common area. Members pay a monthly membership for access to the equipment and space they need. They also get help from our staff with deliveries and shipments, so they aren't tied up waiting on delivery drivers. It's a flexible and cost-effective option for businesses that need less than 800 square feet for inventory or equipment.

What is a R2W Virtual Office?


A virtual office is a mailbox combined with a collection of "office on-demand" services. It's the easiest way to create the appearance of an office until you're ready for an office. The services can include Meeting Rooms, Coworking Day Passes, Warehouse Service, and more. Contact us to find out the full list.

How does R2W Virtual Mail Work?


Don't worry; your mail is very real. It's how we process it that makes it virtual for you. As a mailbox member, you get our free mail app, which provides full control over your mail processing. When letters come in, you'll get a picture of the outside, and you can make various requests: scan it, shred-it, forward it, or hold it for pick up. Packages have the same options except for scanning. If your business handles larger shipments, we can receive and store them for you in our warehouse.


Virtual mail is convenient, and it protects your home address from online directories. You can run your business from anywhere in the world and never make a wasted trip to check your mailbox.

Virtual Mail vs. PO Box


PO Boxes and Private mailboxes at a mail center are a low-cost option for your business. They don't qualify for use with an LLC, LLP, or corporation, and you'll need to check your mail often.


If you're planning to get packages to your business, the Post Office won't take FedEx or UPS packages, but a mail center will take small packages from any carrier.


Virtual Mailboxes are a modern version of private mailboxes. They are available at some mail centers and are a part of our virtual office plans. You'll get a real street address for your business and pictures of your mail on your phone. You can request: scan a letter, recycle mail, hold for pick up, or forward. Everything is done from your phone and from anywhere in the world.

Does R2W Allow Non-Service Dogs?

Very few people love dogs more than we do, but Room2work isn't that kind of coworking space. If you want your best friend lying next to you at work, we can help you find a fur-friendly coworking space.

Can I Use My Virtual Mailbox for an LLC Registration?

Absolutely! Room2work provides Registered Agent services for LLC incorporations.

Coworking vs. Home Office


Coworking benefits members in different ways on different days. Your decision may not be between the two but understanding how you can use both to get more done in less time.


Here are the top 5 reasons you should sign up for coworking:


1) Craft a more professional image. Coworking gives you a business class address with access to professional meeting space. You also get an alternate place to work when you need a change of scenery and people.


2) Work time is for work. Having a dedicated space for work trains you to focus without the distractions of laundry, TV, or kids. You'll end up getting more done in less time.


3) Learn to turn off. If you tend to overwork and are still going at 11 pm, this alone could be worth your membership. A coworking office lets you create a hard line between being at work and being home. Your therapist will call this work/life balance.


4) It's not just you. Once you get a partner or have employees, it's time to have access to a formal space. I promise it will change how you and others feel about your business.


5) Inspire motivation. You can work around other people in a coffee shop, but a coworking community is different. You'll find friends and even casual adversaries that create hustle.


Bonus: Room2work is different from most coworking spaces. We're here to change how you work, not just where you work. Coworking here will help you level the playing field with companies twice your size.

Coworking vs. Office Space


How much do you know about the next three years? That's the length of a typical office lease. How many employees will you have? How much storage will you need?


Coworking gives you flexibility. Your membership can adjust as your business needs change. You'll also simplify your expenses because everything is in the membership. No utility deposits or Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fees. No cleaning service or network problems. Coworking spaces like Room2work even provide furnished offices to make it easier.


How do they compare on cost? The math will vary by location, but coworking members share common areas. That includes meeting rooms, café, lobby, etc. You only pay for your dedicated space. In an office, you'll pay for every square foot along with your share of CAM fees.

Who's Really Using Coworking?

Five years ago, coworking members had a type. They were digital freelancers and tech entrepreneurs that could work anywhere. Today, they could be a corporate employee or local contractor, a business consultant, or a party planner. The idea of sharing an office has caught on in a broad range of industries. Now you can find specialty coworking spaces that cater exclusively to groups such as women, realtors, and e-commerce companies, among many others.

Do I Need a Registered Agent?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say - yes. A registered agent service is your official business address. You can be your own agent if you live in the state, but if you use your home address, it will get posted on the internet.

Does R2W Offer a Day Pass?

Our virtual office members can get as many day passes as they want. We offer 3 trial days for non-members to see if they like the space.

Can I Use a Virtual Mailbox for Google My Business?

Google says no, and they're pretty serious about it. A GMB listing must use an address where you regularly work and meet clients. You can set up a "service area" listing for businesses that meet clients in the field.

How Will My Business Address look?

Cyberdyne Systems

1007 Mansell, Rd

Suite A127

Roswell, GA 30076

Is There a Contract, Agreement, or Lease?

You'll sign an agreement that spells out why you're paying us each month. It explains the things you can and can't do in the space, but that's about it. You're not locked into a lease and can leave with 30 days notice.

What is a Digital Nomad?


A digital nomad is an employee or freelancer that works from anywhere in the world. They need their computer and a spot with fast internet to get work done. They buy a day or week pass at the local coworking space and move on when they're ready.

If you still have questions, call us for answers