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Upgrade to a Coworking Office

Room2work Ranked a Top 10 Coworking Space in Atlanta

Six Reasons to Join a Shared Workspace?

Create a Professional Image 

Dump your PO Box and coffee shop meetings

Enjoy Your "Home Zone"


Room2work is your work place so you relax at home 

Boxes or Tools in the Way

Give your business some room to grow

Focus & Be More Productive


Distracted by family, friends, and random cat videos?

Freedom to Work


We'll handle back office stuff so you don't need to

Join a Community of Doers

Get energy & motivation from working around other people

Roswell's Only Coworking and Co-Warehousing Space

Room2work's shared office space offers flexible on-demand office and meeting space for entrepreneurs and work-from-home professionals. You can start with a virtual office and grow into a dedicated office without a lease or long-term commitment. Room2work is also the only co-warehouse space in Roswell, so you can easily launch your online store or service company from one convenient location.

We're a new type of flexible office space that is designed for eCommerce Entrepreneurs, Content Creators, Remote Workers, and Small Teams. We've built a modern shared office space that offers local professionals the business tools they need to get more done in less time. Every member has access to amenities like virtual mail, meeting rooms, a warehouse, video podcast studio, and of course, workspace. You simply decide what your business needs and pick a coworking membership plan that's right for you. When your needs change your membership can change. Now that's a flexible office space!

Finding the Perfect Workspace for Growth

Most businesses start at home, but then what? More than two-thirds of all businesses launch from a bedroom, basement, or garage. In fact, that's exactly how companies like Apple and Amazon started, so you're in excellent company.

But what happens when you run out of room, need to add employees, or just want to be around other people?

Moving into a commercial office space can be a challenge for a growing business. How much workspace you need can change rapidly and a lease locks you into years of rent, utilities, and office chores. The top coworking spaces like Room2work make your growth much easier to manage. We handle the daily office space needs from networks to cleaning and free you to focus on your business. If you're ready to have a hassle-free office space consider Room2work coworking in Roswell, Ga. 

Is Room2work's Coworking Space Right for Me?

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Member Amenities

We are proud to offer a new generation of coworking space amenities in our Roswell, GA location.  Come for a tour and see why we're one of the top 10 coworking spaces in Atlanta according to Time Doctor.


Electric Sit/Stand Desk

Personalize your working space with a desk that adjusts to you.


3 Meeting Room Styles

Schedule a meeting room to match your needs. 


Ultra High-Speed Internet

Blazing-fast gigabit fiber and wireless mesh network.


Virtual Office Options

Create a professional business image with virtual offices.


Warehouse Storage

Keep your inventory safe in our warehouse pods


Dedicated Desks 

A personal desk space to call your own.


Loading Dock 

Receive items for your office conveniently in our space.


Dedicated Offices

Focus on getting stuff done in your own office.


24/7 Video & Access Security 

Protect your space with our top-tier security measures.


Video Podcast Studio 

Access professional tools for video and audio-only content.

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