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If you’re looking to expand your business beyond your home office and need a professional office environment, flexible onsite storage and access to small business professional , Room2Work is the way to go in one secure and centralized location.

 Warehouse, Storage and Work Space

Warehouse, Storage & Work Space

R2W offers convenient and flexible storage solutions for small business owners and regional reps who need a place for inventory, equipment and supplies. Combined with our office solutions you can have your whole business in one convenient location.

 Co-working, Meeting and Office Space

Co-working, Meeting & Office Space

It's time to stop meeting in coffee shops and get a professional space designed for business. R2W has furnished office space options for entrepreneurs and and small teams. Combined with our storage and work room solutions you can have your whole office in one convenient location.

 Business Support Services

Business Support Services

Once your business starts growing, it's time to take a few things off your plate. R2W is here to help with a suite of on-demand admin, marketing, legal, accounting and staffing services. Whether you need office or warehouse help, we're committed to your success.

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 Work space and offices for start-up entrepreneurs

Whether your startup is a rocket ship of growth or a long term career replacement, Room2work gives you the flexibility to scale quickly and get just the space you need one month at a time.

If you are still working out of your house, you can start off with a virtual office plan using our Essential or Business membership and get a quiet place to work, meet with clients or host a training. Memberships are monthly and offer the amenities of a professional office including printing and coffee. The R2W Business membership also includes a corporate mailbox and 10 hours of meeting time per month.


 Private furnished offices for established and growing companies

Your office is crammed in the corner of a bedroom, your inventory is in the garage where you used to park your car and you just added an employee that is working off the dining room table. These are very common signs that your business is growing and it’s time to really consider getting an office.

Room2work makes this stage of growing a business much easier. When it’s time to separate work from home and get a corporate office, Room2work's office membership offers furnished offices for one to four people with utilities, high-speed internet and fresh coffee. You can add an office, move to a bigger office or downsize as your business changes.


 Professional office, training and meeting room, showroom and storage space for Corporate and regional sales.

Your paycheck may have a big corporate name on it but being a local rep for a large company is surprisingly like owning your own business; Sales – you, project management – you, admin – more you than it should be and training – you.  Literature, demo equipment and returns crowd your home office or fill a storage unit and you still find yourself meeting in coffee shops.

Room2work changes the way you manage your territory and your day. We offer professional office, training, meeting, showroom and storage space options to meet any need or product line and you work just a few steps away from your sample inventory and swag.