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R2W Coworking in Roswell,GA

Everything your office should be

Six Reasons to Join a Coworking Space

Project a Professional Image

All the benefits of an office without the politics

A Community of Hustle

Tap into to the energy of your coworkers 

Balance Work & Home

Create a break between your work and family

Occasional or Every Day

Pick a coworking plan that matches your work style

Eliminate Distractions

Leave chores, family and random cat videos at home

It's a Healthier Option


Check out our infographic on the downside of remote work

Shared Workspace

Why Coworking?

Remote work is certainly convenient, but for many of us, there are some notable downsides to being home all the time. If working from home full-time isn't working for you, it may be time to consider a part-time office space. We're not suggesting you give up your sweatpants just yet but a coworking space gives you a convenient second or even third work space option. 

  • Balance Home & Work Life: Working from home can make it hard to set boundaries between professional and personal time. A work routine creates dedicated time for family and the office. Neighborhood spaces like Room2work are a great solution for remote professionals with the structure and resources of an office but conveniently located just down the street from home.

  • Boost Productivity: I know, you're incredibly productive at home. You're probably also regularly distracted. Your new office space provides a quiet place for heads-down work when you need it. In fact, 68% of people reported being able to focus better when coworking.

  • Increase Professionalism: Meeting clients for coffee is great but if you're planning to pull out your laptop, consider a real meeting room. A whiteboard, large monitor, and a conference table may be just the resources your project needs. 

  • The Benefits of Structure: If your day starts slowly and takes forever to end, consider an office membership as a way to create a focused work window. You'll get more done and go home early. 

  • Work With an Eclectic Group of Professionals: You'll be the only one from your company and your new coworkers are smarter, funnier, and friendlier than your old coworkers. 

  • Improve Your Mental Health: Of course, we've got the data. Humans need social interaction. Coworkers report being happier at work and more relaxed at home.  


The History of Coworking 

Believe it or not, the modern shared workspace—aka coworking—is over fifteen years old. The concept began in San Francisco with an open community workspace just two days a week.


Today there are thousands of spaces around the globe. They are home to freelancers, startups, digital nomads, and corporate employees. Each location is unique, but many offer desks, meeting rooms, and offices to fit almost any need. They are ideal for people who've outgrown their home office or need a professional space.

Like a monthly gym membership, coworkers share common amenities like meeting rooms, offices, and desks without a long-term commitment. 

The spaces aren't designed like traditional offices. They offer a combination of open space and private areas that give members a choice of where they work. 

Top 10 Coworking Space in Atlanta

Room2work was recently selected as one of Atlanta's Top 10 coworking spaces. We're a unique workspace that also includes multiple meeting rooms, video podcasting, and a warehouse. Our members include eCommerce Entrepreneurs, Franchisees and Remote Professionals from Roswell, Alpharetta. and the greater Atlanta area.

Is Coworking Right for You?

Call us and schedule your tour of the space. You'll quickly see how we can help you.

Ready to Upgrade Your Office Options?
We Can Help!

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Call us for a quick
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Pick the right  membership

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Enjoy a work on your terms

Room2work's  Amenities

Coworking office.png

Electric Sit/Stand Desk

Personalize your working space with adjustable furniture.

video conferencing.png

3 Meeting Room Styles

Improve productivity in your preferred meeting space.

fiber internet.png

Ultra High-Speed Internet

Rest assured that your operations will run smoothly with our superior internet connectivity.

virtual physical address .png

Virtual Office Options

Create a more professional business image with virtual offices.


Warehouse Storage

Keep your company goods safe in our warehousing unit.

secure office space.png

24/7 Video & Access Security 

Protect your space with our top-tier security measures.

virtual warehouse.png

Loading Dock 

Receive items for your office conveniently in our space.

Cheap office space.png

Dedicated Offices

Focus on core obligations in your own office.

Are You Ready to Try Coworking in Roswell, GA?

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