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Still, Have Questions About Office Space? 

Call us or come in for a tour of the space.

Do you need part-time or flexible office space for your work? Room2work in Roswell is one of Atlanta's top coworking spaces for e-commerce and technology.  If you have any questions about office space, warehouse, meeting rooms or want more information about membership plans, please call us at 470-721-0606 or use the contact form below.

Contact Information


1007 Mansell Rd. Suite A

Roswell, GA 30076
Tel: 470-721-0606

Where are we? - Room2work is in the Mansell Commons office park, just west of GA400 on Mansell Road and across from the Roswell Walmart.

The Story Behind Room2work

Alan - Room2work

Much of what you'll see on a tour of Room2work started back in 2015. I owned a different company then, and we moved from Roswell, GA to Sandy Springs. In the process, we gave up our warehouse space before we realized how much we needed it. 


The new location was a traditional office with very little storage space. We ended up renting a drive-up self-storage unit with a single light bulb on a pull chain. It wasn't ideal for running a business, but we made it work.


Over the next two years, I started working on an idea for a warehouse space designed around small companies like ours.


Finally, in 2017, I sold the previous company after sixteen years and started Room2work.

The initial idea was based on my experience with small contractors. I worked alongside them for the last sixteen years and knew many of the challenges they faced as their businesses started to grow. Even with everything I knew or thought I knew, my early interviews uncovered the need for a rather specialized workspace. Contractors asked for the room to hold client meetings, space for inventory, and easy access for employees, but they needed it on a tight budget. A really tight budget!

Well, it turns out that contractors aren't the only ones with unique office needs. Two-thirds of all businesses from Apple to Amazon launched from the owner's home. However, many hit a wall when the business started to outgrow the kitchen table. They struggled to find an office or warehouse sized for their needs, and that made growth harder than it should be. Their home had become too small, and commercial warehouses were too big. These growing businesses needed a space that was "just right" (my apologies to Goldielocks and the three bears).


When I discovered Coworking (shared office space popular with freelancers) an idea formed. What if there was a small business space that combined the flexible storage options of a neighborhood self-storage facility with the modern office space of coworking. 

Room2work is designed to be that space and bridge the gap between your home and a commercial space. We've included professional office space, meeting rooms, warehouse space, and even a video/podcast studio to fit a wide range of entrepreneurs from software startups to eCommerce stores. You can now start a business at home using a Room2work virtual address and then add to your membership as your company grows and never have to change your business cards.


I know I'm biased but I think it's the perfect place for small businesses.

Alan Crowe

Room2work Founder

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