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Where are we? - Room2work is in the Mansell Commons office park, just west of GA400 on Mansell Road and across from the Roswell Walmart.

The Story Behind Room2work

Much of what you'll see on a tour of Room2work started back in 2015. I owned a different company then and we moved from Roswell to Sandy Springs. In the process, we gave up our warehouse space before we realized how much we needed it. 

Our new location was a second story glass-walled office with almost no storage space for equipment. We ended up settling on a large self-storage unit that had a single light bulb on a pull chain. It wasn't ideal for running a business, but we added plastic shelves and made it work somehow.


Over the next two years, I entertained an idea for offices and warehouse space designed for companies like ours.


Finally, in 2017, I sold the previous company after sixteen years and began a new one that would become Room2work.

In my previous role, I worked alongside contractors and learned a lot about the challenges they faced. Many of them were excellent at their job but struggled to turn their job into a scalable business. In many cases, they needed room for meetings, inventory, and employees, but they needed it on a tight budget  The original design for Room2work was based on ideas from these business owners and was likened to a "clubhouse" for contractors. 

However, it turns out that contractors aren't the only ones that have unique office needs. Two-thirds of all companies launch from home and many run out of office or storage space as they grow. Up until now, these businesses had few alternatives. They could limit the size of their business or get an office and a long-term commercial lease.

Room2work is designed to bridge the gap for these entrepreneurs. Now you can start a side hustle with a virtual office and grow into a ten-person company-or larger. All without ever changing your address.

Finding Space & Building Out

Finding our first space was harder than I expected. Room2work needed three things: office space, warehouse space, and ample parking. Parking turned out to be an unexpected problem. Since warehouses don't typically have many employees or customers, there's often very little parking. I also needed to convince a landlord to take a chance on Room2work and lease thousands of square feet to a startup.

It all came together in 2019 and we started the build-out of our current space. The design needed to offer more than drab offices and a loading dock. We wanted to create a modern space that made it easier and cheaper for you to run your business. Every decision, from the location to the room finishes, was based on creating a low-cost, high-value space.  

Local business owners now have an affordable office and warehouse option. Room2work is building a community of doers, as well as constantly adding services to help make your business stronger.


If you're looking to give your company an edge on the competition, come take a tour and let us show you how we can take your business to the next level.

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1007 Mansell Rd. Suite A

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