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The Virtual Address for Business

Everything you need in a virtual office without a lease

Registered AgenT

  • Start your business right with a virtual address that grows with you

  • Includes Registered Agent service to protect your home address 

  • A physical address for all your official mail 

  • Phone App mail notification

  • Use for web and business cards

  • Month-to-month with no long-term contacts





  • Manage your business from anywhere

  • Registered Agent Service plus

  • All business mail with up to 30 days of storage

  • Review and manage mail from your phone 

  • Free pick up, recycling, and shredding of mail

  • Options for scanning, forwarding, and check deposits  


Virtual Office

  • Business Owners get access to an office when they need it

  • Virtual Mail plan plus

  • 40% off meeting room rates

  • 40% off Coworking Day Passes

  • Secure access to the office with your phone

  • Pick up mail or packages when it's most convenient for you 

  • Notary service 


Virtual Mail

Virtual Business Add-ons

eCommerce support - 64 cubic feet of mail and package storage for equipment, incoming inventory, or customer returns. Room2work is one of the few spaces in the country that support business storage; from postcards to pallets, we're designed to help you grow. Don't need that much room? 32 cubic feet is just $29/month


Coworking Day Pass Pack - Get a block of three Day Passes and use them anytime you want over the next 30 days. You'll have a place to work when you're tired of your home office or need to finish a project. How you use the passes is up to you.


Each Room2work workstation is height adjustable (sit/stand) with one 27" or two 24" monitors. With Ultra High-Speed internet and complimentary coffee, you may even like it more than your regular desk. 

$59/3 days


Home to over 100 Small Businesses

Khalil S Review

Khalil S.

I have been to several shared office spaces before, in the US and overseas, this is one of the best organized, designed and efficient ones i have been to.

Tim S review

Tim S.

If you are looking for an office to get out of your basement office, like I was, then this is definitely a home run you've been looking for

Michelle T Review

Michelle T.

R2W is great for entrepreneurs and small businesses that are in the beginning stages of growth.

As a small business owner, you've got many options for your virtual business address, and we appreciate you considering R2W. If you're trying to figure out what you need, here are some of the most common questions about virtual addresses for business. Take a few minutes to scan them, and let us know if we missed anything. 

Do I need a Business Address?

The short answer is - Yes, Your business needs a physical location. However, you can pick the type of business address you use. The most popular options are your home address, a virtual business address, a Shared Office like a coworking, or a Registered Agent service. Here is a quick overview of each. If you have any questions, just call us.


Can I use my home address for business?

The biggest plus for using your home address is that it's free. It's also easy to get your mail, and you can start using it today. On the downside, you'll link your business to your personal life, and that link is public on state and local databases like the Secretary of State's company search page. If you like your privacy or you can think of a day when someone might be unhappy with your business, it might be good if they can't knock on your door. There is also some concern that linking your home address and your business could create problems if you ever get sued. We're not lawyers, so ask a professional, but the concern is that linking your home would "pierce the corporate veil". I don't know why lawyers talk like that, but it would put your personal assets at risk even if you are registered as an LLC.

Should I use a Virtual Business Address?

This option may be the most common for new businesses, and convenience is the likely reason. There are 13 UPS Store locations in Roswell and Alpharetta alone. A medium-sized mailbox at a UPS Store is $300 for one year or $25 a month. They offer a street address with a unique private mailbox (PMB) suite number for your business and accept all packages. You'll typically need to call to check on your mail, but the staff can forward your mail to you for a fee. Cheaper and more convenient? Is there a downside? That, again, depends on your business plan. If you only need a place for bank statements, it may be perfect. UPS stores don't offer advanced services like scanning or check deposits, but many of the smaller mail centers have partnered with digital mail services to provide full remote management of your mail from a phone app.

Is an Executive Office or Coworking space a better Virtual Address?

Full disclosure - Room2work fits in this category. The old-school versions of these were called executive suites, and the new versions are called "Coworking." Virtually all of these locations offer mail service as an add-on to their meeting rooms, offices, and trendy open workspace. The most common name for the mail service is a "virtual office" because you get access to a full office environment when you need it or just want it for the day. Depending on the location, these can be a pricy way to get mail service if you don't need access to an office. The most common price is about $70/month, with some premium locations over $100/month. For that money, you'll get an address in a business park or high-rise building. The actual mail services you'll get depend on the location so ask a lot of questions. At Room2work, we're trying to blend the mail center option with the amenities of a shared space. Our pricing starts at $19/month for a business center address, Registered Agent service, and five pieces of mail per month. Once you start getting bank and credit card statements, checks, payroll, and more, we offer a $29/ month plan that covers most business use. If you need meeting space or want to get out of your home office for the day, our $49/month virtual office plan gets you 40% off meeting rooms and coworking day passes. All of our plans include digital notification of deliveries with options to scan, forward, shred, recycle or deposit. If your business needs storage space, Virtual Office members can add 64 cubic feet of storage for returns or incoming shipments. We'll let you know what's arrived and put deliveries securely in your space. No more packages sitting on your porch.

Are Registered Agent Services all I need?

You can be your own Registered Agent if you live in the same state as your business but If you're a home-based business and want to protect your privacy, a registered agent service is a cheap solution. For about $49 a year, your registered agent will be your point of contact for all government and legal correspondence. They aren't a mailbox service, and you can't use their conference room, but we encourage you to consider this your bare minimum choice.

Can't I use a $10 virtual mailbox for business? 

Actually, you can, but there are a few things you should know. Room2work partnered with three of the top virtual mailbox companies from 2020 through 2021. The business model is pretty simple; locally-owned mail centers sign up their address and do the work of processing your mail. You get full digital access to your mail, and the mail center gets $5 to $6 of your $10 monthly fee. If you're wondering how it's worth $5 to process a month's worth of mail - it's not. The mail center charges additional fees for everything from picking up your mail to storing your mail past 30 days. It's not a scam. It's just a use-based pricing model. The more you use, the more you pay, and most locations make the bulk of their money on storage fees. If you only need an address, or you're really good at picking up your mail, you'll pay pretty close to $10. ​ We're big fans of digital mail technology. You can request a scan of a letter, forward a contract, and even deposit a check all from your phone. It's why Room2work offers it on all three of our virtual business plans. There are some extra fees for services like forwarding but most of your needs are covered by the base plans. ​

Can I use a virtual business address for my Google listing?

This is a topic with a lot of misinformation, so we'll start with a link to the Google Support page (link below) The Google guidelines for a business listing reference three types of businesses - virtual, service area, and storefront. I encourage you to read it directly from Google but here's a quick summary.


Google Business listings with a Virtual Address

Google - "If your business rents a physical mailing address but doesn't operate out of that location, also known as a virtual office, that location isn't eligible for a Business Profile." I know you don't want to hear that, and I hate to put it so bluntly, but that's a direct quote from Google. Before you lose hope, you may not need a google business listing. It's a great tool for local businesses, but if you're an online store, there isn't a lot of benefit being in the Roswell or Alpharetta map pack. You can still rank in the top organic search results without a Google business profile. While we're on the topic, there are multiple virtual office companies that offer "Google ready" addresses with a six-month commitment, but that's wishful thinking. Google is pretty clear in the quote above, and rather than give you an SEO boost; it may actually hurt your results.

What is a Google Service Area Business?

If you're a plumber, event planner, or even an accountant that meets customers on location. Google considers you a "Service Area Business" and has a special category for your Google Business listing. You can use your home address when you sign up but list a "service area" that replaces your address in your listing. You'll show up in search results based on your service area and not your official address. You can use a virtual office if the office is staffed during the day. How big is a service area? Google suggests about 2 hours drive time from where your business is based.

What qualifies as a "Storefront" business

Google uses the term "storefront," but it's any brick-and-mortar location where you or your staff work on a regular basis. You don't have to own the building or have a long-term lease. If someone can walk in and meet with you during business hours, it probably qualifies as a storefront, and you can probably use that address for a business listing. At Room2work, our dedicated desk memberships and private office memberships meet these criteria.

How do I set up my business address?

It’s a lot easier to set up an address than it is to change one so take a few minutes and think about your business three years in the future. Will you need space to meet clients? Will you still live in the same place or get lots of packages? What ever the answer, plan ahead when you set up your business address. Here are the most common steps for each business address option


At my home

Nothing to do. You’ll simply list your personal address on all your corporate documentation including bank accounts, website, business cards and government registration.

At a Mail Center store 

It differs by location but your can sign up for a digital mailbox online and have your business address the same day. If you prefer to have a physical mailbox like the post office, you’ll need to stop by the store to get your box key. These locations are called a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency or just CMRA. To fully activate your new address you will need to fill out a USPS form 1583. The form is one page and says that you authorize the Mail Center to receive mail for you. Without the form, the mail center can’t legally put mail in your mailbox.

At a Shared Office or Coworking

These locations are very similar to Mail Centers except your address will be in a business park or high-rise building rather than a shopping center. You’ll also have the same address for all your business needs from mail to meetings. Room2work is a Coworking space, and we’ve watched virtual mail members grow in to coworking and office space. These location are also a CMRA and you will need the USPS form 1583 to fully activate you mailbox. The form has to be notarized but we can do that for free in our office and give you a quick tour.

With a Registered Agent

If you just need to protect your personal information, a quick search for “registered agent services” that will give you several choices. The agent doesn’t have to be near you, but they do have to be in the same state as you business. These agents are not for business mail just your registration and legal notices.

How do I change my business address

Tired of stopping by your PO Box or mail center? Wish you had known about a package sooner? Does your business need more than just a mailbox? Updating your business to run from anywhere starts with a post office change of address form (available online here).  Once that is done, your mail will be automatically rerouted for a year. Room2work makes the rest easy.  With your authorization, we'll notify each of your senders that they need to update your mailing address and send you a monthly progress report.  


Benefits of using Room2work

Virtual Office Space

Day Pass Sit/Stand Desks

Personalize your working space with adjustable furniture.

Meeting room for rent

On-Demand Meeting Rooms

Improve productivity in your preferred meeting space.


Ultra High-Speed Internet

Rest assured that your operations will run smoothly with our superior internet connectivity.

virtual business address

Professional Virtual Address

Level the playing field with bigger competitors without leaving your home office.


Warehouse Storage

Keep your company goods safe in our warehousing unit.


24/7 Video & Access Security 

Protect your space with our top-tier security measures.


Loading Dock 

Receive items for your office conveniently in our space.

virtual office registered business address.png

Upgrade to a Dedicated Office

Focus on core obligations in your own office.

Want a tour of your new office?

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